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40 National Novigrad Jerkovic


Chorus has introduced itself with a high quality peformance and with the respect to the Croatian composing culture; whole program consists of Croatian authors: "Closing chorus" (from "The Passion ...") by Boris Papandopulo has been performed with nice and balanced sound among passages, both in homophony as well as in the complete rhythmics. Sound harmony has been showed as very expressive and surprisingly controlled in the last measure, both in a chorus singing and in the tenor-soloist performance. Chorus and its maestro have proved to have a great sense for gradation and build up of composition thrill both through the increases in the rhytme and dynamics and in their decresendo ("Our Lord", "Lament for the veal"). The sound taste and balance of the recital parts and b.c parts (cooperation with the tune line) is shown again throughout the performance of the "Our Lord" composition. Choir intonation is stable...

Josip Jerković
President of the Jury
On October 21st2007.