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Calella - October 2012

Good news from the first, international competition in which participated 80 choirs from 36 countries

'BRODOSPLIT' from Spain winning gold

As often before, Brodosplit City Choir under the guidance of maestro Sunko returns from international competition with gold medals. This time from the 1. International Choir Competition in Calella, Spain, to Split they bring two Gold Medals in the categories of male choirs and sacred music, as well as the title of absolute winner in the category of male choirs. Brodosplit has competed among 80 choirs from 36 countries with 2600 singers. Among choirs from many European countries, there was also representatives of China, Japan, Indonesia, Brazil, the U.S.A., Kazakhstan, Paraguay, the Philippines and others. Choirs have competed in 13 categories, and in the festival was awarded 41 gold, 57 silver and 5 bronze medals

... 'Brodosplit' presented on the competition with the following works 'Valkeat kaupungit' (L. Madetoja), 'Zavr�ni zbor' (B.Papandopulo), 'De caupone' (J. Vajda), 'Domine non sum dignus / Miserere mei' (T.L. de Victoria), 'Lux aurumque' (E. Whitacre), 'Ave Maria Angelus Domini' (F. Biebl), 'Gospe Sinjska (V. Sunko) with soloists Ivan Bošnjak and Ivan Žitko.

Above the recession

Inspite of the financial difficulties that choir is facing with, the Brodosplit singers are managing to preserve its reputation and leading position among male choirs in the world, so at the request of the organizers of the competition Brodosplit sang in the famous shrine of Montserrat, which is a tremendous recognition. They also sang at the competition opening ceremony themed songs about Dalmatia and Croatia.
The Awards ceremony to Brodosplit was accompanied very emotional in standing ovation by several thousand visitors, and they are especially glad for recognitions of music specialists ...

Renato Kragić
Slobodna Dalmacija
October 23rd 2012.