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      Date: Oct 22, 2008
     Title: 40 Croatian Chorus Festival

With the pronouncement of 11 best choruses, 40th Croatian chorus festival has come to its end
- Novigrad, 2007.

Best among 12 choruses who participated in the competitive part of the 40. Croatian chorus festival program organized by Croatian cultural assembly is City of Split chorus Brodosplit with its maestro Vlado Sunko
...This decision was brought on Sunday by committee composed of director Josip Jerković and members Robert Homen and Branko Starc
.....Winner, city of Split chorus Brodosplit was only male chorus among mixed choruses and stood as a favourite. This chorus has been a winner 4 times on these type of chorus festivals...

S. Matejčić
Novi list
On October 22nd 2007.