Categories: recenzije
      Date: Oct 21, 2008
     Title: 40 National Novigrad


It is hard to find the best words of praise in describing the Brodosplit chorus quality, without having these words being spoked out already. Through many years, this chorus is making us thrilled with its top singing quality and profoundly lived interpretations which are the expression of deep sensitivity, typical for dalmatian temperament. It could be especially felt in Papandopulo and Sunko compositions with a Credo being especially nice and impressive as well
.... I believe that Brodosplit will remain one of the top promotors of Croatian talent and culture throughout the world and will keep positioning itself successfully wherever they perform. The background for this statement lies not only in the impressive achievements throughout the history but also in a current quality they have shown in this competition.

Robert Homen
Member of the Jury
On October 21st 2007.