Categories: recenzije
      Date: Jun 15, 2010
     Title: Concerts - June 2010.
Concert City choir presented itself in croatian national theatre in Split


Unusual and interesting concert of city choir Brodosplit was held in croatian national theatre in Split. This time, unlike last years, Brodosplit decided on something completely different - on repertoire completely made of foreign compositions. ...
Repertoire consisted of compositions in eight languages - from latin, over french, german, italian and english, to czech, finnish and slovenian language. The compositions themselves were diverse and wide gamut of classical and reneissance to modern music, from Beethoven and Orff up to Schubert and Verdi. Choir prepared and performed these compositions on international performances, which gave split audience the opportunity to witness the richness of eight languages combined with classical music in one concert. Some compositions were performed in Split for the first time.

A. Jerković
Slobodna Dalmacija
June 15th 2010.