Categories: recenzije
      Date: Apr 10, 2010
     Title: Finland - April 2010.

52 hours away from home After the performance in Finland, the agony of split singers, caused by iceland volcano has begun

Thirty members of split choir "Brodosplit" and their management, eruption of iceland volcano, has stucked away from home, in finnish Espoo, where they have participated on prestigious international male choir competition "Leevi Madetoja". Although they've ended the competition with third place award, they are extremely satisfied, due to the large number of competitors, excellent choirs from north Europe. ...
Anyhow, hard return home cannot diminish the satisfaction of "brodosplit" singers with great success on the competition held every fifth year, which gathers mostly best baltic choirs, where they have performed as the only choir from other parts of Europe. Among 28 competitors, apart from third place award, they have won the 1000 euro money grant and became for the first time, the only "non-baltic" choir that has won that award.
Split singers were especially thrilled with reception and ovation from audience, who by acclamation especially acknowledged the composition "O Gospe Sinjska" by Vlado Sunko.

Jasenka Leskur-Staničić
Slobodna Dalmacija
April 2010.