Categories: recenzije
      Date: Jun 27, 2013
     Title: Concert for 40th Aniversary

Musical treat

On the occasion of 40 years of foundation, the City Choir "Brodosplit" will hold a concert on Monday, 26th November in the Split National Theatre, at 19.30, under the patronage of the Croatian President Ivo Josipović.
Singers from "Brodosplit", under the conduction of maestro Vlado Sunko, prepared for a concert extensive and very demanding program, from classical pieces, through national, religious, concert and foreign songs. Visitors oft he concert will be able to hear Schubert, Mozart, Verdi, Biebl, Vajda, McCartney and other composers. Among the local authors they have chosen Ljubo Stipišić's "Gremo mi puntari", Jakov Gotovac's "Ero", Ivo Tijardović's "Spli'ski akvarel", cantata " The Sweetheart of Our Lady's Mercy" 1. and 4. paragraph of maestro Vlado Sunko and other compositions. As guests "Brodosplit" invited Gibonni, Dražen Žanko, primadona of Split National Theatre Valentina Fijačko, "Split girls" with conductor Danica Zaić, mandolin orchestra "Sanctus Domnio" with conductor Vladimir Lukas, and the program will lead Lejdi Oreb. Opening statement of the choir will present professor Ivana Tomić Ferić.
Choir "Brodosplit" recently returned from Spain from the 1st International Choral Competition in Calella, where they won two Gold Medals in the categories of male choirs and sacred music, and won the title of absolute winner in the category of male choirs. "Brodosplit" was competing among 80 choirs from 36 countries with as many as 2600 singers, proving once again that they have no equal.

Merien Ilić
Slobodna Dalmacija
November 22nd 2012