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      Date: Jun 28, 2013
     Title: City of Split award - 2012.

"The nightingales"

The last in a series of Brodosplit's award s is the award of City of Split

To numerous awards received in the past four decades of successful continuance, the City Choir "Brodosplit" joined the two new awards - a City of Split award for year 2012. for particular merits and achievements in promoting cultural and musical heritage in the country and abroad, and their leader maestro Vlado Sunko received a personal award also for the particular merits and the results achieved in the promotion of Croatian musical heritage in the country and abroad.
They have received awards in the Split National Theatre on the occasion of the feast of St. Dujma. With congratulations to the Split's " nightingales" and their valuable maestro, we can rightly say that this choir from 1972. until now really become one of the most respected choirs in Croatia, we dare to babble - the best choir of the Croats.
In fact, wherever they perform, at home or abroad, "Brodosplit" collects awards and recognitions which are backed up by interesting program, the value of interpretation, culture of singing, distinctive sonority and compactness of the voices. Competitions such as the Choir Olympics, the World Choir Games, European and international competitions are in the sign of the gold medals, the absolute winners and titles of Olympic and world champions of choral singing.
Just mention the prestigious award at the recent international competitions "Golden Fairy" and "Canta al mar" in Spain where they have won prizes: first prize of the audience awarded for best performance of the old masters work, the prize for best performance of domestic work and the title of absolute winner and gold plaque in the category of male choirs and gold plaque in the category of sacred music.
Music connoisseurs widely praised their oratories, anthological performance of Boris Papandopulo's "The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ according to John," Cherubini's "Requiem," Ljubo Stipišić's -Dalmata "The Resurrection", the composer and choir leader prof. Vlado Sunko's "Our Lady of Sinj"...
Monograph, DVD-eight albums with the constant presence in Split, Croatia, and international music scene testifies to their extremely rich concert activity and the strong interest of many enthusiastic audience. In all of this it should be noted prof. Sunko, self-denying, but an extraordinary artist who leads the choir for 25 years.
Vlado Sunko, a full professor at the Art Academy in Split, is one of the most remarkable figures of the middle generation in the musical life of the city of Split. His artistic work is characterized by a large wideness of musical interests as in the field of music performance, even more so in the field of music production, as well as personal unobtrusiveness, professional maturity and stability in work.
Without a doubt from the choir in this composition we can expect much more. The boys tell us that they have the will and the heart for further promotion of the Croatian musical heritage, ...

Merien Ilić
Slobodna Dalmacija
May 19th 2013